AA Japan Auction System

Direct Access to All Japanese Car Auction Houses




Access over 130 000 auctioned Japanese vehicles weekly from over 170 auction houses.
Bid as much as your budget allows.
See all your transaction history in one place.



One application, all Japanese vehicle auctions at your reach!

AA Japan Auction is an innovative and intuitive auction system developed to make bidding in Japanese car auctions easier and more convenient for car dealers outside of Japan.

It is configured to be a single, catch-all system for auctioned cars from auction houses that AA Japan has access to. With more than 170 auction houses, each with different auction schedules and varying requirements, the system lets you place a bid in any auction house you choose.

The system also has a built-in digital ledger of a customer’s entire transaction history, and easy access to vehicle information as shown in Japan’s auction houses.


Built in functions so you can have most effortless online auction experience

Use with ease the simplified and efficient user interface

Because less is more, you can earn back at least 30 minutes of your time because AAJ Auction is designed to make your interaction with the system straight to the point.

Your tabs will directly show you the details you need. You won’t be distracted by third-party or company ads when doing business. Even the font and font-size were carefully thought out to bring your attention only on the most important details.

You will be able to focus on finding your vehicles fast, and make decisive choices.


Your Dashboard as a Digital Ledger

Save yourself from paper clutter and the stress of keeping track of receipts and other documents. Your Dashboard shows your account’s current status at a glance.

Without switching pages, you will find general information on every car you bought for the last 30 days, your bids results, your account balance and deposit status, and your saved searches.

Manage your bids easily

Did you change your mind about a car? You can cancel at will.

Did you bid the wrong amount? Change the numbers anytime.

Don’t want to buy too many vehicles? Create bidding groups and keep control of your purchase.

Our system will give you full control over your account and bids.


Check entire details of each of your purchase

Your Purchase History page has two sections. You can view important details of all the vehicles you bought, refer to a past invoice/receipt, or just check on all the payments you made anytime you want.

Your “Bought Vehicles” section has complete details of every car purchase like date, chassis number, and final price, either from auction or from AA Japan stocks. While in the “Balance” section, you can look at the complete financial report of every purchase you completed like invoices, payments made, balance, and deposit.

Chat directly with your dedicated agent

Get professional assistance and advice upon request.

Your account automatically gets a dedicated agent who you can work with. To immediately get in touch with your agent, your page has a nifty chat box where you can send messages to each other about any topic.

You won’t need to switch devices or use third party messaging apps to connect with your agent.


There are only right reasons why you should register now

Numerous Choices

You can now meet all of your customers’ needs and demands with your unlimited access to ALL the car auction houses in Japan.

With your account, you have access to over 170 car auction houses in Japan. You can view and choose from more than 130 000 vehicles every week.

Peace of mind

Purchase your cars with confidence knowing that your account is in encrypted and secure server. Your post-sales processes like documentation and shipping are handled by skilled veterans.

You can rest assured your business and your cars are in the best hands.


You get to skip paying for extra charges like parking fee and company maintenance fee comes with company vehicles.

Your ability to bid directly in auctions means you only pay Japanese market price for any vehicles.


Find your cars faster through the simplified search page.
Complete your buying process quickly through AA Japan’s industry-recognized importing process.
Receive your cars swiftly because we always look for the fastest shipping company available.

Professional assistance

Discuss with veteran agents any issues you need help with. Tell him what you need, discuss market trends or issues, request for walk throughs – your agent will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.
It’s the perfect way to form a strong and trusting bond with you.


Experience the simplest and smoothest car importing process

  • Bid on auction

    When you win any bid, you will be notified instantly. We will ten get in touch with you for the next transaction step.

  • Inland Transportation

    We will arrange the transportation of your vehicles from auction house to port.

  • Documentation

    We will also process all the documentation needs of your purchases.

  • Inspection

    We will proceed with the inspection and certification process as required by your country.

  • Shipping

    Finally, we will ship your cars to your port of preference.

You’ll be up and running in no time.

You need more information before taking a decision?
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